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This year……Invest in yourself

There seems to be much uncertainly about this upcoming year in the economy, world affairs and local politics. Many have become more budget minded, and in the process are trying to identify those areas in which they can save. One thing I know is that your most sound investment is yourself. You should not scrimp on your health, because that will be more costly in the long run. In this season of New Year’s resolutions, prioritize health maintenance and optimization. Why wait until you have a skin cancer to decide that your skin is great need for improvement? It is much more budget minded to prevent a skin cancer, than to treat one. Looking your best brings confidence to do your best both at work and at leisure. So what rejuvenation and skin options does a person have that won’t break the bank?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and designed to cover and protect you. For your skin to do its job, it is important for you to avoid doing things that damage it further. That means wear your sunscreen, save money by not using a tanning bed, stay well hydrated and use quality skin care products. Topical vitamin A’s and Vitamin C’s are proven to repair and reduce past sun damage and in the process improve the overall appearance of your skin. Consult with your skin care provider to determine which skin  care products are going to work best for your skin. It would be better to invest in one or two highly effective skin care products than have a whole shelf of over the counter want to be’s. For those who wish to have quicker results or who have more problem skin, in office chemical peels and skin care treatments including IPL photofacials and Rhytec Plasma Portrait are an effective way to accomplish a more radiant appearance. There are treatment options and skin care products for every budget.

If a person has lines and wrinkles which is causing them to look tired or angry, there are other choices besides surgery. Botox is a great way to soften frown lines and is a great prevention tool as well. It helps rebalance the facial muscles so that the downward pulling muscles are no longer the strongest. Think of it as an antigravity treatment. While Botox is usually used on the lines of the upper face, there are indications to use it to fight the “downy frowney” mouth and saggy necks. The extent of the Botox treatment is determined by which areas are the priority. The nice thing about Botox is that over time you will need to have it less frequently. The costs for Botox are determined by the areas treated, but the average cost to soften frown lines would be around $300.

Having your face look its best is not always about its being tighter, but about having fullness in the right places. New techniques in fillers allow us to lift cheeks and soften the parenthesis on either side of your mouth. We are also able to soften jowls and in some cases use it to reshape noses. This means little to no down time and the ability to see your results almost immediately. The new fillers last much longer some up to nine months. Having softer, fuller lips goes a long way in rejuvenating and softening the harshness that time can bring.  Again costs are determined by the area that is treated, but on average having your lips treated costs about $600. 

Finally for some situations surgery is the only way to accomplish the desired goals. This is true for people who have turkey gobblers necks or eye lids that are hanging down. It is much better to have the surgery, than to waste time and money on “magic wand” potions and treatments that will ultimately disappoint you. There are many financing options available, to help those who want to fit this into their budget. 

Keeping your face fresh and rested does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Remember that beautiful skin is healthy skin and healthy skin is always a great way to invest in yourself