Nutrient Support

Older Couple Walking - Nutrient Support

We do not always have the time or resources when it comes to proper diet and nutrition. Many diseases are the result of long-lasting nutritional imbalance, which shows the importance of replenishing these vitamins and minerals. We have partnered with Centered on Wellness where they offer Nutritional Therapy that can help!

At Centered on Wellness, their mission is to provide total person wellness and care. Each of us is created uniquely and therefore requires different care. Often you can benefit from a combination of oral supplements and nutrient infusion therapy to help “catch you up” from your accumulated nutritional losses

Nutrient Therapy is a specific treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs based upon lab results and your clinical findings. Nutrient Infusion Therapy delivers high doses of these vitamins and essential elements when it is needed the most, rapidly replenishing your body. Treatment plans are a process that requires team work between a Centered on Wellness practitioner and yourself.

Please learn more on the Centered on Wellness website.