Fat Grafting

Breast Fat Grafting happy lady by the ocean

For many women, fat grafting is a perfect way to take from areas where you don’t want fat and place it where is it very desirable. Fat grafting can be used for both reconstruction as well as cosmetic purposes to enhance breasts, face and body areas.

Fat grafting after breast reconstruction has been used for a couple of decades and recent studies affirm that this does not compromise safety or increase the risk of breast cancer. Fat grafting can revitalize tissue and help it to be more pliable. This is especially helpful after radiation which has the tendency to make tissues stiffer and less pliable. Fat grafting starts with liposuction of which ever area has some extra “fluff”. Then the fat is purified and placed in the areas needed by slender cannulas about the diameter of a coffee stir straw. The incisions for fat harvesting and placement are smaller than the length of a grain of rice. Because of the very small incisions, recovery is usually quick and is helped by wearing a shaping garment for 4-6 weeks following surgery. As this is a grafting procedure, you can anticipate that you will need to have 2-4 procedures staged every 3 months. This is especially true after radiation, which prevents a large volume fat graft. As the tissue is revitalized, then larger volumes of fat grafting are possible.

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