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Makeover Martha Dismer

Meet sixty-three-year-old Martha Dismer, a woman feeling younger than ever before! Recently retired from a public health social worker career, in looking for more to do, one month later, Martha took on the part-time activity director position at Home Life on Glynco assisted living residence. In early 2016 Martha visited renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Diane Bowen, owner of Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery, PC.

Dr. Bowen explained, “I had the pleasure to meet Martha soon after the New Year. Martha has lovely blue eyes; but it was hard to see them because of the fullness and heaviness of her upper and lower lids. She came to me with concerns about feeling tired, especially around her eyes, and she looked tired too. During our consultation it became apparent that her main issue was having extra skin and fat weighing down her eyelids, which in turn caused Martha to hold her eyebrows up much like one would hold up a skirt that was too long and dragging the ground. This in turn made her tired by the end of the day.

“As we discussed these issues, we decided Martha would benefit from having both her upper eye lids lifted and lower lids done. She went for a visual field test, which measures decreases in peripheral vision due to heavy eyelids. Her results were positive insurance would cover the cost of her upper lid surgery, but the surgery to improve the tiredness of her lower lids would be cosmetic. This worked well for Martha as it allowed her to have a single recovery time for both surgeries. The surgery was done as outpatient and she went home the same day. She was very vigilant about using her cold gel eye masks, and within five days, Martha was ready to return to work and most social activities,” said Dr. Bowen.

To help complete the experience, Martha received extra services by becoming Paisley’s makeover candidate. Dr. Bowen’s staff provided a complimentary facial—her first one! This soothing vitamin C facial from the center’s aesthetician produced lovely results. And open to try most anything, she gleaned fashion advice from the “clothes whisperer,” Ewell Gay, owner of Maggie’s Boutique. Ewell selected a Clara Sun Woo, draped front, midnight purple dress with stone cut earrings and necklace—simply gorgeous.

At Serendipity Spa-lon, Martha received a makeup application lesson from master cosmetologist Lisa Nicholas-Luiz after a gentle shampoo and smoothing blow-out from master stylist, Amanda Kicklighter. Add that deep purple dress and jewelry; wow! Martha looks absolutely stunning.

“Everyone comments how nice I look and how wonderful it is to actually see my eyes again,” Martha said. “I have had an incredibly positive experience in this whole process from start to finish, and got to have my first facial, ever. I highly recommend Dr. Bowen for this procedure, which has completely transformed my face.”


Diane G. Bowen, M.D., board certified plastic surgeon and member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons with additional expertise in pediatric plastic surgery and breast cosmetic surgery. Esthetics services: facials, Botox and fillers, massage, skin care products, wellness and nutrition. Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery, 1015 Arthur J. Moore Drive, St. Simons Island,

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