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Makeover Diane Cafferty

Diane Cafferty now feels as good as she looks. And, she can see so much better, too! Patient of Dr. Diane Bowen of Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery, Mrs. Cafferty says she is always pleased and thankful to be in Dr. Bowen’s care.

“Six months ago, Dr. Bowen noticed my heavy eyelids. I was having trouble seeing clearly, both to the left and right,” Diane said. “Since Medicare would help cover my upper lids, I asked she do my lower lids as well. With Dr. Bowen’s expertise, I’ve had very little pain and down time. After a month of healing you can see my results.”

Diane and her husband, Jim, love their active community lives on Oak Grove Island. “In my retirement I want to look as good as I feel. At 68, I feel I act young. I kayak, ride bicycles, motorcycles, play golf, we go fishing and travel with family you need good vision to keep active and able to do things,” Diane smiled.

Dr. Bowen added, “Diane is a vivacious lady with a bright smile and endless creative energy, taking on sewing and other activities. When she came to us, her appearance did not match her energy. Her goal was to do something which would help her face more accurately reflect her real zest for life. The process included an intense skin care regimen in preparation for a deep chemical peel (Phenol Peel) which was done at the same time as her upper and lower lids (upper and lower blepharoplasty) as well as a brow lift (endoscopic brow lift). While the chemical peel prolonged her recovery, ultimately it resulted in a dramatic improvement in overall skin texture and tone, so now her outward glow matches her internal energy!”

Adding to her rejuvenation, Diane was treated to an anti-aging facial by the center’s medical esthetician, Meghan Bacher. Days later she enjoyed a morning of beauty with two cosmetologists from Serendipity Spa-lon II: Taylor Correa-LaGrone and Jessie McDonald.

Taylor, who loves doing blowouts, treated Diane to a detoxifying clarifying shampoo. She loved it. After some pre-drying, Taylor’s round brushes and blow dryer made it all look too easy. Taylor then applied Diane’s hair with sun protection, volume spray and gloss for shine.

Jessie began Diane’s makeup lesson with primer and concealer, then powder foundation and some contouring. Diane confessed with her new eyelids, she is purchasing many eyeshadow palettes – she is the “eyeshadow queen”. Jessie blended her lids with natural browns, whites and golds, then eyebrow powder, and a cool set of false eyelashes. Diane then donned her new autumn tunic dress and jewelry from Ya’Ya’s Boutique.

“Eyelid surgery is great for everyone—Dr. Bowen is so good—I highly recommend her”, Diane said. “My vision, especially close-up vision is much better now, too. One of my best friends said I look so good, she wants to be next!”


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