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Makeover Amanda Weaver

Amanda Weaver, age 38, started her personal transformation in 2016, and today she is a rejuvenated woman of vitality and confidence. After successfully re-creating her diet and incorporating dedicated gym time, Amanda also desired to redesign her body for a more youthful look.

Navigating the Process:

The Weavers have four children, ranging in age from 20 to 7: Braxton, Konlin, Brock and Elaina. All four childbirths were C-sections. Amanda confided, “The more weight I lost through working out and diet, the sloppier I felt. In clothes I had more confidence, but wanted to feel even more confident with my husband, who matters most to me.”

Amanda’s friends referred her to a consult with Dr. Diane Bowen at the Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery on St. Simons Island. “I was instantly taken with Dr. Bowen. She made me feel comfortable. She listened and helped me navigate the process. I had breast lift and augmentation done. Having had large breasts all of my life, after four kids, they needed help. I wanted them to look more natural, so I chose “over the muscle” (procedure), and she executed it flawlessly. Unless you knew I had work done, you would think they are natural. I also had a mini-tuck, leaving my belly button as is, along with non-surgical skin-tightening treatments. Dr. Bowen was amazing; I recommend her to everyone.”

“Amanda is an energetic mom of four, wife, and homemaker,” said Dr. Bowen. “When she came to us, her appearance did not match her zest for life. Her goal was to do something that would help her postbaby body more accurately reflect her personality and restore some self-confidence. For many women, feeling good about their bodies is an important part of their self-image, and we wanted to help Amanda accomplish her goals.”

Meghan Johnson, practice esthetician added, “There’s this preconceived notion that plastic surgery means ‘plastic’ or something fake. It’s really about bringing inner beauty to light and making a person feel whole again. It’s about enhancing lives to help women feel as good on the outside as they do on the inside.”


Final Touches:

Amanda’s best friend/personal shopper, Kendra, selected the perfect fashion ensemble at Just Between Us Upscale Resale with boutique owner, Margaret Prentice. A sleeveless black blouse and light beige skirt complimented Amanda’s renewed confidence. Complete with a delicate necklace and accent earrings, she looked fabulous!

Next, Amanda met with master cosmetologist, Lisa Nicolas-Luiz at Serendipity Spa-lon for her hairstyle blowout and makeup session. With Lisa’s assistance, Amanda used her bareMinerals™ makeup kit. First: Moisturizer and skin tone evener, then foundation and highlighter around her eyes. Brown-black brow filler, blended green eye shadows, mascara, and summer hue lip stain completed the look. Lisa used an acrylic brush to give Amanda’s hair lift, finishing sprayed her ends, and used a curling iron to create soft beach wave curls—all gorgeous results.


Transformation Complete:

“This medical procedure, done six months ago, is the culmination of all my hard work the last two years. I feel complete and like my old-self—before having four kids! My confidence carries through in every facet of my life from being a mom, wife, lover, and independent woman; all of it. I go to stores now I didn’t think I could go to, and talk to people I typically would have shied away from before. When school starts, I’ll be getting back to work again; now I’m really excited! I could not be happier with all the work Dr. Bowen has done—she’s made me feel like a perfected version of myself!”


Thanks to:

Diane G. Bowen, MD., Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery, 1015 Arthur J. Moore Dr., SSI. 912.634.1993. On-site accredited surgical and non-surgical procedures bring back youthful face and body, and a medical spa with state-of-the-art rejuvenation technology.

Just Between Us Upscale Resale, 1624 Frederica Road, True Oaks Shopping Village, SSI. Open Tues – Sat at 10 a.m. 912.434.9370.

Lisa Nicolas-Luiz – master cosmetologist, Serendipity Spa-lon, 2485 Demere Road, Suite #102, SSI. Open Tues-Fri, Sat by appointment. 912.399.5470, 912.658.1658.